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Pyxis av Drömmarna

​Click HERE to see foals by Pyxis

(Pegasus vom Niehaus-Hof x Cevin Z x Transvaal)

2014 Chestnut Leopard 16.2h Lifetime APPROVED  Knabstrupper (KNN) and AWSSR Stallion 

Sport Type

Color Tested and Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome - N/N

$1200 USD 

$800 USD for returning clients

Includes stud fee, LFG, 2yr Contract and Non-Color Foal Return Breeding Discount. Fresh shipped semen available throughout USA and Canada. Shipping and collection are not included and are at cost.

If you would like to purchase by the dose with no LFG we can offer fresh for $500 USD

Foals conceived in 2023 are eligible for papers with (depending on mare):
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Pyxis av Drommarna 

Now KNN registered, and lifetime approved for breeding. 

Pyxis recently achieved 1st Premium main-book Knabstrupper stallion status with “Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark", the foundation and parent registry which governs over the adjacent studbooks through Denmark. This status is a combined result of performance testing, temperament, conformation, vetting, and endurance.  He scored a very respectable 846.07 for his ridden test. Full results posted below.

When the pictures of the then 9-month-old Pxyis were sent to me by his breeder Diane Nelson Truxillo, I knew Pyxis was special.

Pyx's dam's strong Zangersheide jumper damline, Colibria Z, bred by the Olympic jumper breeder in the Netherlands, Koos Derks, is a great asset to Knabstrupper breeding. She was a great jumper and used for a Young Rider winning at 1.0m

His sire Pegasus vom is a Verbandspremium stallion that was also awarded best ZfDP (German Warmblood) stallion. He has also competed in Para-Equestrian FEI Dressage which is a testament to his temperament and superb movement.

Together, these two royal bred horses produced an incredible once in a lifetime horse for me. Pyxis is one of the very few KNN Approved stallions in North America that has unbelievable jumping bloodlines, talent and the movement to make him a star.

Never have I ever had tears of joy, so this is a new feeling. Thank you, Diane, for breeding such a great animal! I am absolutely overwhelmed by the support of Meagan Maloney and Tiara Equestrian. This is a dream come true. Thank you CoIleen  Claiter-Beres who kept me updated throughout the test with videos and pictures.  Melyni, Heather, Traci, Barrie, Jamie and many others behind the scenes really do make this journey a bit sweeter.


Pyx is a powerful stallion wrapped up in a big, sweet, spotted candy wrapper. He is not your typical mouthy guy and enjoys all the love. He won 2022 year-end championships at 1st level dressage and has stepped it up 2nd level (won his 1st class). So, stay tuned ... he is already schooling small steps of Piaffe too ❤

Pyx superb canter, beautiful trot, athletic jump and top-notch temperament will take him to the top. 

Current Show Results 

Caledon Dressage Year End Championships 2022

Pyxis was champion!

Caledon Dressage

July 2022

First level test 1: 67.58 - 1st

First level test 2: 66.85 - 2nd

First level test 3: 69.30 - 1st

Bronte Creek

Entry Division

July 17, 2022

2nd out of 8 entries and against some super competitive entries (one being a rider who has done many Olympics/major games)

Caledon Dressage

June 3-5, 2022

First level test 1: 66.034 - 3rd

First level test 2: 64.00 - 3rd

First level test 3: 64.306 - 2nd

2021 results on welcome page but went to 3 shows and placed 3rd two times out of 12 and 1st out of 10.

KNN Grading Scores

• Size/Type/Width: 8

• Head and neck: 8

• Shoulder and wither: 7

• Topline: 8

• Front leg: 8

• Hind leg: 8

• Walk: 8

• Trot: 8

• Canter: 9

• Jumping Technique: 8

• Jumping Potential: 8

• Vet: 10

Assessment of Condition, Skin, Head { symmetry, lymph nodes }, Eyes, Mouth {  teeth alignment and bite }, Body { symmetry of muscles and bones }, Reproductive Organs, Heart, Lungs and Respiration, Limbs {alignment of legs, toe axes, bones, tendons, joints, tendon sheaths, hoof shape and horn quality}, Movement { walk and trot on hard surface } and Temperament/Behavior.

Overall score 8

Judges Comments: Stallion of good type, suitable depth and width, pretty head. Muscular topline, long and well-shaped croup. Clean limbs of proportionate substance, good joints and good hooves. Good and supple walk, good trot, very good canter.

Stallion Ridden Performance Test

Drauma Hestar: Pyx's Facebook Page

Free Jumping Phase for Stallion Approval Oct 2022

Dressage Phase for Stallion Approval Oct 2022

 Jumping Undersaddle Phase Stallion Approval Oct 2022

Endurance Phase Stallion Approval Oct 2022

My daughter, Nadja and 3yr old Pyxis

Trainer Meagan with her new kitten. Pyx is a complete gentleman!

Pyx's YouTube Channel


Pyx's sire, Pegasus vom Niehaus-Hof, is a graded KNN 1st Premium Stallion that was imported from Germany in 2006. In 2004 he was awarded the Verbandspremium stallion title and he was also best ZfDP (German Warmblood) stallion, having not yet reached the age of 3yrs.

In 2012 Pegasus was chosen as a last minute mount for a Para-Equestrian Association clinic under rider Sydney Collier. She also competed him in FEI Dressage and won her classes.  Another Para-Equestrian, Laura Goldman, won classes on him at the Rancho Valencia Dressage Affaire CPEDI3* too!

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Pyx's dam, Colibria Z, is a 16.3h imported Zangersheide mare bred by Koos Derks in the Netherlands. Koos Derks completed in 1.10m jumpers with her before being imported. Then, after her arrival in the USA she won 1.10m classes in the Children's Jumpers with her young rider. 

This damline is known for producing amateur horses with great minds and jumping talent. Colibria Z is related to the Canadian Olympic hopeful, El Mundo ( Video, Pedigree ) and late FEI Dressage/GP Jumper stallion, Tempranillo.

Her bloodlines combine the great jumping blood of Cevin Z (competed to 1.50m), Calando I, Capitano and Cor de la Bryere. Colibria Z's jumping talent was no accident!

Colibria Z

         The next few pictures are of him through various stages of growing up. He has trained my daughter and son well when it comes to proper scratching techniques ... LOL 

    Pyxis really has a beautiful soul. The Knabstrupper is like no other breed. Athleticism, brains and the best personality all wrapped up in one horse!

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Click this text to start editing. This simple title and text block is great for welcome or explanatory text. When writing, try to keep things down to a few lines at a time. Break up your content into different blocks to keep your page interesting.