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Offspring by Pyxis

2018 Foal


Pyxis av Drommarna x Truffle

2018 Solid Bay Filly

Beautiful filly born early 2018. Dam is said to be unregistered with Hanoverian cross bloodlines. Filly is a great improvement over dam's conformation and will make a SUPER fancy hunter. Already placing well in the Hunter ring! 

2020 Pyx Foals


Salty Sea x My Giraffe X Recital Hall

Bay Thoroughbred

Name: Prima

Bay filly 

Born: 3/26 


Broadheath Baron x Natasha x Green Valley Tweed

Black Shire Sporthorse

Name: Patron

Bay colt with LP 

Born: 3/27

Horse Tales Photography

Bella Serra

Batido x Icy Luster x Ice Age

Bay Premium Oldenburg NA

Name: Perfekt

Black filly with unknown LP status

Born: 6/1

2021/Future Pyx Foals


Wolfsburg (Han) x Kauferin (Han) x Kurier 

Chestnut Oldenburg NA

🌸 In Foal 🌸


Leeto Z x Brooklyn RPH x Barricello

2017 Chestnut Westfalen

🎠 In Foal 🎠

Maiden mare caught first time bred!!

Mouse GES

Mitril x Wild Jazz GES X Wild Dance

Perlino Westfalen

🌸 In Foal 🌸

Maiden Mare

Skip N Over Ground

Brave N Away x Brittany's Battle x Parade Ground

Grey Jockey Club Thoroughbred

 🌼 In Foal 🌼


Tzigane (Trak) x Macarns First Encore x Apollon

 Bay near leopard

Main Mare Book KNN

🌼 To be bred 2021🌼

Zoey's 2020 new colt is a knock out! 2021 Filly option could be available for purchase! Please contact DraumaHestar with any  questions or comments about this spectacular pairing 🎠


Vallado x Ezso x Flamenco

Bay Westfalen

 💐 To be bred 2021💐

Abril Joya EAA

Triguero P x Esperanza Eterna EAA x Magico

Bay Pure Spanish Andalusian

🌼 To be bred 2021 🌼

Maple Stone Stormy Weather

Old Greenlaw Lochy x Alamar LS Helena X Pinnacle's Lucky Strike

Bay Clydesdale 

🌸 To be bred 2021🌸

Natures Donation

Charitable Man x Natures Annuity x Valiant Nature

 Bay Jockey Club Thoroughbred 

💐 To be bred 2021 💐