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Drauma Hestar Knabstruppers & Frozen Import Services

Drauma Hestar (translated: Dream Horse) is located in beautiful and sunny Florida. 

Pyxis has gone to Canada but fresh collections are easily available to the USA too. He will carry out all stallion duties at Tiara Equine with Megan Mahoney.  Pyx will continue his training and showing while in Canada.

International equine semen import services and select sale horses are also available .

Pyx's Upcoming Events

2021 Eventing Show Season

  • Oct 3 -  Placed 3rd out of 12
  • Oct 19 - Placed 3rd out of 12
  • Oct 24 - 1st out of 10

Pyx has to moved to Tiara Equine!

Ontario, Canada

October 27

Tiara Equine

KNN 2019 Stallion Licensing

Sumter Equestrian Center 

Licensed for 2020 and 2021, Best in Show and Best Stallion



The Knabstrupper horse is both one of Denmark's rare national horse breeds and one of the world's unique endangered horse breeds. Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark is the original and oldest Knabstrupper association in the world, and all Knabstrupper pedigree records originate from their association, who maintains the studbook for the origin of the breed. They are a nonprofit organization, and their purpose is solely to ensure that the Knabstrupper breed is preserved and promoted. They are the mother association of all other Knabstrupper studbooks and those books have to follow KNN's rules.

Knabstruppers are the worlds most successful breed of horses in FEI Para Dressage. Every horse that has participated in international competitions at Olympic or World Championship level has medaled. They have proven themselves to be highly trainable and super smart.